Our Story

May 2020
The Founders Vision

The story of Foundation Stage and E-native is deeply rooted in the vision of its founders, Tomasz and Joanna Berlik. Their dream was to create not just a language school, but a community — a welcoming, nurturing environment where both students and teachers thrive. 

September 2020
The beginning

The beginning of our journey. Foundation Stage conducts its first in-person classes for three students in a class rented from a foundation. This marked our humble start.

July 2021
School registration
Logo FS angielski online z native speakerem

A significant milestone - Foundation Stage is officially registered as a stationary school. A step towards formalization and growth.

September 2021
cropped logo e native strona angielski online z native speakerem

Our reach expands to 33 participants
in stationary classes, and we embark on a quest to find a Native Speaker for online learning, broadening our horizons. The E-native brand is born.

October 2021
First ESL Tutor

A new chapter in online education begins with our first online tutor, Natalee Horn. This marked the start of our online presence.

Februrary 2022
First students

Sarah-Jane Venter joins E-native. In March, we welcome our first real students to E-native. 

September 2022
Foundation Stage host 60 students
Projekt bez nazwy angielski online z native speakerem

Our stationary school, Foundation Stage, relocates to a new, more accommodating facility, and we proudly host 60 participants in our in- person classes.

October 2022
E-native (Pty) Ltd

Our growth continues with the registration of our South African company, co-founded with Sarah. We're not just colleagues; we're business partners. Natalee Horn rejoins our team, strengthening our faculty.

November 2022
A leap into innovation with 360-degree classes
shutterstock 1845487087 angielski online z native speakerem

We introduce a groundbreaking approach to language learning. Focusing on conversational skills and role-playing, we launch an inventive use of 360-degree images that encompass a variety of scenarios. These immersive images transport students into different realities, greatly enhancing the learning experience. This approach proves to be a tremendous success, leading to the creation of over 50 diverse thematic classes. Furthermore, we continue to develop more personalized and tailored content, constantly pushing the boundaries of conventional language teaching.

December 2022
5 Team Members

Achieving a new high, we are now managing 270 classes monthly with a dedicated team of five members.

June 2023
8 Team Members

Doubling our efforts, we expand to 570 monthly classes and grow our team to eight members

July 2023
Kennel sponsorship
Kennel e1702388480393 angielski online z native speakerem

At E-native, we believe in a world where all creatures, human and animal alike, deserve kindness, respect, and care. Supporting organization's efforts in animal welfare aligns perfectly with our values, and it's a cause we're proud to stand behind.

- Thanks to Natalee Horn, who gave us the opportunity to support this organization.

October 2023
Team & Students Satisfaction Our Priority

A significant milestone is achieved as the total number of positive reviews on Trustpilot and Google surpasses 100. This accomplishment is a testament to the quality and impact of our services.

Tier System & Teacher of the Month, Introduction: To facilitate the professional development of our tutors, we have introduced tier system and teacher of the month program. This innovative approach provides a structured path for growth and recognition, empowering our educators to excel and evolve in their teaching journey and engagement.

November 2023
Innovative presentation
image4 1 rotated e1702389004207 angielski online z native speakerem

A remarkable event led by Suthea - one of our dedicated team members, who prepares and delivers an exceptional 1.5-hour presentation for a school in Poland, conducted online. This event garners significant attention, with over 40 participants attending, showcasing our global reach and the expertise of our team members. This presentation not only highlights our educational prowess but also solidifies our standing as a growing, international educational entity.

December 2023
ESL Tutors Hub & 14 Team Members
ESL Tutors Hub angielski online z native speakerem

The idea of creating a Hub for our tutors is born, envisioning a collaborative and supportive space for our educators. At this stage, we are doing over 900 classes monthly with 14 team members.