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Poznaj naszych profesjonalnych lektorów, którzy posiadają ukończone studia wyższe oraz certyfikat TEFL. Dzięki ich wiedzy, umiejętnościom oraz doświadczeniu w nauczaniu języka angielskiego, zapewniamy najwyższą jakość naszych zajęć online. 

Lektorzy Native Speakers

sarah 1 angielski online z native speakerem

Sarah Lyon

co-owner & Hiring Manager

Our co-owner, Sarah, is a native English speaker with a passion for language education. She has extensive experience teaching English as a second language and has helped countless students improve their language skills and achieve their goals. Sarah is also responsible for onboarding new teachers and providing ongoing support and development opportunities to ensure that they are able to succeed in their roles. 

Makayla Lottering angielski online z native speakerem

Kayla Lottering

ESL Online Teacher

Kayla is known for her positive and supportive teaching style, and she always goes above and beyond to ensure that her students are engaged and motivated to learn. In addition to her expertise in language instruction, Kayla is also known for her great attitude and ability to create a fun and inclusive learning environment. We are proud to have Kayla as a member of our team and are confident that she will continue to make a positive impact on the lives of our students.

natalee angielski online z native speakerem

Natalee Horn


Natalee, is an experienced and qualified language educator with a passion for helping students succeed. She has been teaching English as a second language for 8 years and has worked with students of all ages and levels. Natalee’s approach to teaching is interactive and engaging, and she is always finding new and innovative ways to help students learn. In addition to her extensive experience and expertise, Natalee is also known for her positive attitude and supportive nature.

Teacher Gadiel

Gadiel Margolin

ESL Online Teacher

Gadiel is a highly skilled business English teacher with extensive experience teaching English as a second language (ESL) to students from a variety of professional backgrounds. He is passionate about helping his students improve their English language skills and succeed in the business world. In his classes, Gadiel uses a dynamic and interactive teaching style, incorporating real-world examples and case studies to help students better understand and apply the concepts they are learning. He is able to adapt his teaching approach to suit the needs of his students, whether they are beginners or more advanced learners. 

Darion Hurter angielski online z native speakerem

Darion Hurter


Darion is an English language teacher with a talent for creating innovative and engaging classes for teenagers. With a deep understanding of the challenges and interests of this age group, he is able to design lessons that are both educational and enjoyable for his students. Darion is skilled in using a variety of teaching methods and technologies to keep his students engaged and motivated, and he is constantly seeking out new and creative ways to make learning English fun and rewarding. 

Tanya angielski online z native speakerem

Tanya Bester


Learn English from Tanya, a native speaker with years of experience instructing students of all ages in a convenient online setting. Tanya’s approach to the classroom is one of a kind, as she emphasizes real-world language use while keeping the sessions lighthearted and engaging. She is well-known for her ability to make learning English enjoyable for her students.
Tanya’s method of teaching English is flexible, allowing her to cater to her students’ individual needs. Tanya employs a variety of games, songs, and other interactive activities to make learning English a delight for kids. She is sensitive to the fact that kids have a shorter attention span, so she keeps the session interesting and lively while yet covering all the essential language skills. For adult learners, Tanya focuses on real-life situations and practical applications of the English language. She recognizes that adult learners often have specific goals in mind, such as improving their business English or preparing for a language exam, and she tailors her lessons accordingly. 


Obsługa klienta

joanna berlik angielski online z native speakerem

Joanna Berlik

co-founder E-native

Joanna is a co-founder of E-native. She is a highly skilled methodologist with extensive experience in the field of language teaching and learning. At E-native, Joanna is responsible for developing and implementing innovative and evidence-based teaching methods and materials, as well as conducting research and evaluating the effectiveness of different teaching approaches. She is deeply committed to her work and is always seeking out new ways to improve and advance the field of language education. With her expertise and dedication, Joanna has helped E-native become a respected and successful company, providing top-quality English language instruction to students of all ages and levels.

linkedin main angielski online z native speakerem

Tomasz Berlik

co-founder e-native

Tomasz, a co-founder and driving force behind E-native, is always on the lookout for ways to elevate the student experience. As a visionary and customer success specialist, he is dedicated to ensuring that each and every one of E-native’s students is fully satisfied and gets the most value from their language learning journey. Tomasz works closely with students, understanding their unique needs and goals, and provides personalized solutions to help them reach their full potential. With his unwavering commitment to improving the student experience, Tomasz is a key player in driving the success and growth of E-native.